Winter Sowing

How to Grow More Food without Indoor Seed Starting!

Get a head start on your growing season without a complicated seed starting setup!

For many of you, it isn’t too late to get started with winter sowing!

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Want to grow your own seedlings, but keep running into roadblocks? Maybe you’re frustrated because your “simple” gardening idea requires warming mats, shelving, and lights. Or maybe you’re overwhelmed because you’ve never planted a garden before and you live in an area with a short growing season. Or maybe you’re impatient because things are getting more uncertain by the minute and you’re ready to start growing food NOW.

We live in Western Colorado, which has a short growing season. While I still start my tomatoes and peppers indoors (because our season is too short for those things), I don’t always want to plant other slow-growing seeds indoors. That’s why I started winter sowing

Now I’d like to share that skill with you too!

It’s simple to get started, even for beginners, and it helps you feel like you’re making progress on your garden, even before the snow melts!

You can enjoy this complete winter sowing eCourse that will walk you through the whole process, so you don’t have to worry about doing things right the first time. It’s all right there for you! 

Learn about Winter Sowing now


  • What is Winter Sowing
  • Preparing the Containers and Starting your Seeds
  • Taping up your jugs.
  • Twist Tie Supplemental
  • What type of plants work best for winter sowing?
  • When do you plant your jugs?
  • Where do you keep your jugs?
  • How and when do you transplant your seedlings?
  • Milk Jug Strings Supplemental

This eCourse also includes:

  • Step-by-step, friendly winter sowing videos straight from my garden, walking you through from planting to transplanting to gardening!
  • Companion printables and suggested resources
  • Tips from a seasoned gardener (and from a canning perspective too!)
  • Lifetime access so you’ll get ALL future course updates

It it is not too late to get started with winter sowing.

Winter sowing doesn’t require gardening experience or a fancy setup--all you need are seeds, milk jugs, and a little bit of advice! And in the end, you will be growing healthy, delicious food for your family, despite all of the crazy that’s happening in the world around us today.

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Winter Sowing Course


  • No hassle of lights and indoor shelving.
  • Cheaper than an indoor light set up. 
  • Plant now even in the snow.
  • Healthy stronger seedlings.
  • Fulfill that spring fever.

Winter Sowing

When you’re on a tight growing schedule (such as many areas of the country), you probably realize you’ll need to start seeds before spring arrives. But you don’t always have to build a seed starting setup to do it!

Instead, use recycled containers and winter sowing techniques. Learn more here.