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Canning low-acid foods like meat and most vegetables requires the use of a pressure canner, to prevent the risk of botulism. Use the correct processing method, and there's no fear.

Canning Meat Categories

In this course, you'll learn how to use your pressure canner for the very first time, including:

  • Why learning how to use a pressure canner is essential for home canning success.
    The top 3 safety features that make pressure canning simple and easy.
  • How to not be concerned about your pressure canner exploding.
  • Sharon's recommendation for the first pressure canning project for beginners.

Pressure Canning Workshop

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  • Introduction to Your Pressure Canner
  • Challenge: Making Friends with your Canner
  • Why pressure canning  is an essential skill
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Pressure Canning Confidence.  

You can do it!  I know you can. 


This workshop is from Sharon Peterson, a wife, mother, experienced canner, and founder of, one of the largest and most trusted canning websites online.