"Thank you for the awesome video. You're right. It's not as scary, as I made it out to be. I'm definitely more confident in using a pressure canner. Can't wait for the next video to learn more.
Warm wishes, De'sha"

Pressure Canning Confidence

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No Fear or Overwhelm!

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Canning low-acid foods like meat and most vegetables require the use of a pressure canner, to prevent the risk of botulism. You MUST use a pressure canner, and that causes problems for some people. 

Are you one of those people terrified of your canner?  Do you sometimes feel silly?  You are not alone and you are NOT silly.

You are actually one of the smart ones.  I know you'll do fine because you care.  You want to use your canner correctly.  So, you'll do fine.  I worry more about those who don't care and just wing it.   Watch this series and you won't be just winging it.  

Who are these sessions for?

  • If you are afraid of your pressure canner, you want these classes.
  • If you bought a pressure canner and it just sits there… you want these classes. 
  • If you are trying to decide if you want a pressure canner or not… you want these classes. 

“I just watched the first video in your series and you are correct.  My mother put the fear of God in us when she was using her pressure canner.  So when the "top" started moving she would make us all leave the kitchen.   We were a family of seven children and pretty much all of us are intimidated by pressure canners. 

I thought this first video was extremely helpful.  I understand how it works now and the safety features that have been figured into them.”   Pam

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In this course, you'll learn how to use your pressure canner for the very first time, including:

  • Why learning how to use a pressure canner is essential for home canning success.
    The top 3 safety features that make pressure canning simple and easy.
  • How to not be concerned about your pressure canner exploding.
  • Sharon's recommendation for the first pressure canning project for beginners.
  • Step by step instruction. 

Remember beginner-friendly is the mission!  And judging from all the comments we've gotten... I've hit it! 

Clear concise and encouraging. 

Three video lessons and 3 e-mails to your inbox.  Get started in just a couple days! 

"Wow! And thanks for moving the camera close enough to see the stream from both vents." Michelle

Everything you need to choose and start using your pressure canner.

This workshop is geared specifically to pressure canning and getting you started in the process. 

Learn how to use your pressure canner with step-by-step beginner-friendly instruction.

Learn how to get over that fear.

Simply Canning thank you for the videos.

I have had my canner going on 3 summers now.  The last two, I get it out, put it on the table, and played with the lid. But that's as far as it has gone! Watching your video has helped me out.  Now I will do it this summer for sure. Thank you again." ~ Beth Ann


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This workshop is from Sharon Peterson.

Wife, mother, experienced canner, and founder of SimplyCanning.com, one of the largest and most trusted canning websites online. 

Pressure Canning Workshop


  • Introduction to Your Pressure Canner.
  • Challenge: Making Friends with your Canner.
    (how to use it!)
  • Why pressure canning  is an essential skill.
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Are you ready to get started?  Try these videos.   They are just what you need!

Pressure Canning Confidence.  

You can do it!  I know you can. 

“Thanks for this series.  I have been wanting to start canning using pressure canners but was very concerned.  I didn't want to go into the venture and purchase a canner and then not use it."  ~ Beth Ann