Learn the basics of home canning.  Get step-by-step help with both water bath and pressure canning. 

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Do you fear your pressure or water bath canner? Do you worry that you’ll do something wrong if you try canning in your kitchen? Do you want to build confidence as a home canner?

It doesn't have to be that hard.  
Canning information should not be:

  • confusing
  • contradicting
  • vague
  • fear-inducing!

If this where you are, you want these classes.  You'll find success and peace with the process. 

If you are worried about poisoning your family
If you are worried about blowing up your kitchen
If you are confused by all the information available, you don’t know where to start
These classes and video tutorials are going to help.

Canning Basics and Projects

First Learn Safe Canning Practices for both Waterbath and Pressure Canning.
Then watch the dozens of step-by-step tutorials on Canning Fruit, Vegetables, and Tomato Products. 

These courses include everything you need to give you the confidence you need to preserve food for your family. 

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What you'll get.

This offer combines TWO courses:

  • Canning Basics - teaches the how and why of home canning
  • Canning Projects - includes the step by step tutorials for canning Fruit, Vegetable, and Tomato Products.

It’s the perfect mix to get you canning now, starting with the basics you need to know about water bath and pressure canning, and then walking you through the most common canning projects, like applesauce, green beans, tomatoes, and other foods. 

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Canning Basics; The why and how.

This is the original canning course that hundreds of people have gone through to learn about home canning and found success.


  • Welcome
  • Simply Canning Guide to Safe Home Canning PDF download

Canning Safety

  • Canning and how it stops spoilage
  • Unsafe Canning Practices

Tips, Terms and FAQ

  • Canning Terms and Tips
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Canning Equipment

  • Canning Equipment - Essential Hand Tools
  • Canning Equipment - Non Essentials.
  • The Complete Guide to Canning Equipment and Tools

Pressure Canning

  • Pressure Canners
  • Pressure Canning Demonstration - Canning Chicken

Waterbath Canning

  • Waterbath Canners
  • Waterbath Demonstration - Canning Cranberries

Finishing Up

  • Checking your Seals and Storage
  • Conclusion, You're all done! Now go can something

Canning Projects; all the step by step videos.

This is the step by step tutorials for canning fruit, vegetables and tomato products.  All the foods that you want in your pantry for delicious homemade meals. 


  • Welcome to Canning Projects
  • Steam Canning

Canning Fruit

  • Making Applesauce
  • Canning Applesauce
  • Canning Apples
  • Canning Apple Pie Filling
  • Canning Peaches
  • Making Peach Puree for Canning
  • Canning Peach Puree
  • Canning Fruit Butter
  • Canning Pears
  • Canning Cherries
  • Canning Cherry Pie Filling
  • Canning Apricots
  • Canning Asian Pears
  • Canning Berries

Canning Vegetables

  • Canning Beets
  • Canning Green Beans - Part I
  • Canning Green Beans - Part II
  • Stripping the Corn off the Cob
  • Canning Corn


  • Peeling Tomatoes
  • Peeling Frozen Tomatoes
  • Canning Tomatoes
  • Canning Stewed Tomatoes
  • Canning Tomatoes and Zucchini
  • Canning Green Tomato Salsa
  • Mexican Tomato Sauce
  • Canning Tomato Vegetable Juice

About Sharon

In my mission to keep up with the appetites of my own crew, gardening and home preserving food has proved to be a great way to provide nutritious, simple, delicious meals.  I'm the author of "The Simply Canning Guide to Safe Home Canning."

I've also had the joy of instructing thousands of people from around the world on the skill of home food preservation.

Join me and I'd love to help you get started too.  

Join me in my kitchen!

Canning Basics & Projects Course


Inclusions & Features

  • Tutorial videos
  • Canning terms, tips, and techniques
  • Canning recipes you can trust 
  • Instructions for preserving most of the common vegetables and fruits.

This is the ultimate canning collection for beginners!

These courses includes everything you need to give you the confidence you need to preserve food for your family.