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Learn Home Canning

Discover how to fill your pantry with garden fresh produce to feed your family healthy nutritious food.

Food fresh from the garden or farmers market is one essential step to good health and nutrition. You will have a fantastic soul renewing feeling of satisfaction knowing you provided for your family yourself.  

Home Canning is a method of saving that nutritious food for later seasons.  Fill your own jars and know what exactly you are eating.  Have the satisfaction of knowing just what hands have handled your food and what is in your jars.  

So many people want to start canning but are stuck.  They don’t know where to start.  

Canning Basics is the tool you need to get moving.  

Canning is about:

  • the health of your family
  • the satisfaction of a self-sufficiency journey 
  • real food

Does any of this sound like you?

  • You want to know where your food comes from. 
  • You have a garden and food is spilling off the counters… you can’t eat it all fast enough. 
  • You remember eating home canned foods as a kid, and want that for YOUR family! 
  • You want that self-sufficient feeling, but are stuck in place by fear.  
  • You are confused by all the conflicting canning information.  So much information! 
  • You are frustrated with your fear of your canner!

Are you nodding?

I figured some of this might resonate.

If this is you... You are in the right place. 

There is no need to be afraid.  There is not one reason you can’t preserve your own food!   No not one.  

Canning with confidence! That is what we are after. A perfect place to be for any new canners out there. 

Canning Basics is going to dispel fears and myths and get you started right.  

As a safety conscious mom of 4 sons, I love the confidence of knowing how canning works and why we do what we do.    

Let me help you to that place of confidence.

What not to do...

What’s the worst thing you can do when you want to learn how to preserve foods at home?  

Put some food in a jar, boil it, and see how it goes.  

After all, if it seals it must be good… right? 

Um no… don’t do that!

You may get food in jars but… will it be healthy?  Will it be preserved safely?  Will you be watching your kids closely after dinner to see if anything happens!?  Just… in… case.  


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