How To Can Without Fear & Confusion

The Complete Canning Bundle includes everything you need to can fruit, vegetables, meats to fill your pantry year-round.

Are you scared of canning or just completely overwhelmed with all of the information out there?

You’ve looked up YouTube video after YouTube video and you just don’t know who to trust.

You’re worried that you will poison your family.

 You are terrified that if you don’t do it right the pressure canner will blow up. 


And you are right… home canning must be done right! But ‘right’ doesn’t have to be hard.

Or maybe your garden is producing amazing fruits and vegetables but they are spilling off your counter ‘cause you just can’t eat it fast enough. Canning is the solution for you too.

"I have got to say I have really enjoyed watching your videos. I’ve learned so much. You do an awesome job at it. I wasted a lot time on YouTube watching videos because everyone would cover the same basic info and never get into all the extra stuff like how to best peel your tomatoes. Thanks for taking it to the next level."

Tina Noel

Hi, I am Sharon

Back in the day I had lots of mouths to feed.  Can you relate??

If you are like I was, you want to provide healthy meals at budget prices. Not always an easy proposition.  I started gardening to provide some basics to our pantry.  Tomatoes were a perfect start! 

As the garden grew…. I had to find something to do with the extra food.  Canning fit the bill perfectly.  Fill the pantry with jars of food I produced myself?  Yes! 

I discovered that the feeling of self sufficiency that resulted was pretty addictive!  I couldn’t stop with just tomatoes.  So as the years went by I added more and more products to my list of things for the pantry.  

Gradually, my pantry contained less and less boxes and cans and more and more jars.

My garden grew…and grew…and grew.

Now my focus is as much natural food for my family as possible.

When I first started canning I was super careful to learn all I could and do everything right. I had it easy…

I just needed a couple of trusted resources to get started. (I’m dating myself here but there was no internet and facebook groups back in the day.)

Today there is 


Unfortunately, too much wrong  information can be found. I want to be sure you get the right information from the start. So come on in, join me in my kitchen and let’s get you started the right way on this amazing canning journey. No stress needed.  Shorten the learning curve and fill your pantry with confidence. 

""I am so grateful for your encouragement and guidance this past canning season. We are enjoying the beans, tomatoes, jams, sauerkraut, apples, and soup and stew recipes, and all of the other goodies. You are a treasure and I hope to call you a friend." "


Imagine having a pantry full of safely prepared meals for your entire family.

There is no pressure when you have the



The full suite of courses that take you from beginner to expert.


This bundle of all our canning courses and products will take you from fear to feeding your family your own home-preserved foods. 
Perfect for any aspiring home canner.  Especially geared for the fearful in order to give you confidence. 

What's Included

The courses are on demand and can be accessed at anytime.
Watch and learn at your convenience.

Canning Basics

Learn everything you need to get started with ease. You won’t poison your family or blow up the kitchen. With just a little guidance you will know exactly where to start and how to safely use a pressure canner or can using the water bath technique. 

Canning Projects: Fruit, Vegetables, Tomatoes

This course covers how to can fruits, vegetables, & tomato products such as tomato sauce, carrots, green beans, peaches pears and applesauce.  Many more step by step video tutorials.

Canning Meats & Meals

This advanced training will take your canning prowess to a whole new level. Do you want to be able to can the harvest from your hunt. Or create full meals in a jar? Then this course is for you!

The Simply Canning Guide

This printable PDF is full of printable recipes, tips, and instructions. If you are a reader, this is the resource for you - no video needed. Print it up and create your own canning notebook!

Canning Jams & Jellies

Everyone loves a good jam. The sweet sensation without all of the store-bought preservatives. These special techniques will make sure your jams and jellies come out with spreadable perfection! It also includes some amazing recipes.


Do you love pickles? Maybe every time you’ve tried it your pickles come out limp and soggy.  This tutorial will give you all the information you need to make crunchy, yummy pickles. You will also be able to pickle beets, green beans, corn relish and many other vegetables. In fact, you’ll be amazed at all of the things you can pickle. 

"“My husband and I love your guidance. We have always wanted to can, but were afraid of it until we found you! When we first bought your classes we started with the water baths for tomatoes then you gave us some confidence and we made the leap and bought a pressure canner. I was terrified of that thing! We watched your classes and now I understand how it works so I am not afraid of it anymore. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate you. I am afraid practices like preserving food are becoming a lost art, and that will be a bad thing. Our goal is to someday be able to have a very full pantry of foods we grew ourselves and preserved ourselves.”"

~ Melissa Zuber

You can have peace of mind that in any event, any catastrophe, or just a cold Sunday, your family can have safe, delicious food.

Not only do you get all of the courses listed above, but these amazing bonuses as well:

Pressure Canning Confidence

 If you are afraid of your pressure canner THIS is the class that is going to get you started.  Watch 3 short video lessons, learn how the canner works and why you won’t blow up your kitchen.  Honest! Pinky Promise. You really won’t.

Exclusive Pantry Journal

This planning and record keeping tool keeps a record of what you’ve done and what you want to do. Know when you need more and easily find what you already have.

Canning Chat

These short videos will be posted to your members area for quick tips and will answer your questions or other members' questions.

Printable Canning Labels

These labels are currently available in my etsy store. But you get them included with The Complete Canning Bundle.

Everything I’ve ever created to help you with creating a jar filled pantry:

  • Canning Basics - (value 47.00)
  • Canning Fruit, Vegetables, and Tomatoes Tutorials - (value 51)
  • Canning Meat and Meals Tutorials - (value 49)
  • Printable PDF of my canning guide.  Simply Canning Guide.  (value 27)
  • Jam and Jelly  (value 12)
  • Pickling  (value 12)
  • Bonus -  Pressure Canning Confidence (value 27)
  • Bonus - Pantry Journal (value 7)
  • Bonus - Canning Chat.
  • Bonus - Printable Canning Labels

Total Value = 232.00

Today’s Price = 147.00

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Sara says

"Love your site! I've learned so much and it is amazingly satisfying in January to pull out a jar of canned fruit or tastes just like summer! Love it and so glad I realized the joys of canning!" 

Mona Says

"Very helpful videos! I thought you did a very thorough job. I have been canning for many years and learned new things watching your series. Thank you for your dedication to helping more people feel confident about becoming a home canner."

Nadine says

"It's as if you were in my kitchen telling me how to do it. That's a huge deal I think! Also, what more could a person ask for, than to have someone lay out all of the info they need, along with the links to get it!"

This bundle includes everything I’ve ever created to help you with creating a jar filled pantry:

  • Canning Basics - (value 47.00)
  • Canning Fruit, Vegetables, and Tomatoes Tutorials - (value 51)
  • Canning Meat and Meals Tutorials - (value 49)
  • Printable PDF of my canning guide.  Simply Canning Guide.  (value 27)
  • Jam and Jelly  (value 12)
  • Pickling  (value 12)
  • Bonus -  Pressure Canning Confidence (value 27)
  • Bonus - Pantry Journal (value 7)
  • Bonus - Canning Chat.
  • Bonus - Printable Canning Labels 

Total Value = 232.00

Today’s Price = 147.00

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